env scripts

env stands for Environment. I use it as a prefix + mnemonic to keep over 200 scripts at my fingertips.

If you read my “Invest In Yourself” post, I recommend throwing 30 euros at this incredible productivity too and buying the a license for SSMS Tools.

Inside that tool I can add a snippet, that when I type it in SQL Server Management Studio, it replaces the snippet and pastes literally thousands of lines of code that I had previously written.

envmissing – is the code I have developed over the years that lists the top missing index information. the code itself is parameterized so I can optionally limit it to a single table or pattern for a WHERE statement. The best part is, with all the statistics in my face, I can make an intelligent decision, and my code conveniently create the CREATE INDEX definition for me.

Filename / LinkSize
__SnippetsManifest.txt16.99 Kb
block.txt2.65 Kb
conn.txt935 Bytes
eln.txt452 Bytes
enbbakhist.txt1.23 Kb
enteams.txt727 Bytes
env.txt786 Bytes
env64.txt1 Kb
env_help_indexes.txt11.58 Kb
envadmin.txt1.36 Kb
envadusers.txt1.95 Kb
envadusers2.txt3.64 Kb
envansi.txt2.01 Kb
envapc.txt3.47 Kb
envbadstats.txt6.73 Kb
envbak.txt5.01 Kb
envbakenc.txt4.95 Kb
envbakhist.txt2 Kb
envban.txt561 Bytes
envbanner.txt4.92 Kb
envblock.txt2.78 Kb
envbroker.txt1.18 Kb
envcdc.txt661 Bytes
envchanges.txt1.16 Kb
envcheckstats.txt6.37 Kb
envclone.txt1.02 Kb
envclr.txt4.25 Kb
envclust.txt1.63 Kb
envcluster.txt2.23 Kb
envcms.txt2.04 Kb
envcname.txt762 Bytes
envcnt.txt1.54 Kb
envcolscan.txt1.61 Kb
envcomm.txt650 Bytes
envcompat.txt2.38 Kb
envcompress.txt5.11 Kb
envcompress2.txt3.62 Kb
envconn.txt1.53 Kb
envcost.txt2.21 Kb
envcount.txt3.24 Kb
envcron.txt828 Bytes
envcursor.txt1.6 Kb
envdate.txt175 Bytes
envdb.txt7.87 Kb
envdba.txt109.24 Kb
envdbmem.txt2.78 Kb
envdbsize.txt2.16 Kb
envdbspace.txt1.02 Kb
envdead.txt6.83 Kb
envdelphix.txt3.61 Kb
envdev.txt7.86 Kb
envdir.txt7.87 Kb
envdomain.txt1.86 Kb
envdt.txt568 Bytes
enverr.txt1.75 Kb
enverr2.txt1.09 Kb
envevents.txt1.2 Kb
envexecute.txt1.22 Kb
envfailmail.txt729 Bytes
envfiles.txt1.56 Kb
envfind.txt1.36 Kb
envfinddev.txt1.26 Kb
envfindindex.txt1.4 Kb
envfixstats.txt8.55 Kb
envfks.txt729 Bytes
envforeach.txt4.74 Kb
envfullbak.txt5.73 Kb
envfulltext.txt2.26 Kb
envghost.txt929 Bytes
envgrowth.txt10.54 Kb
envheaps.txt9.08 Kb
envheaps2.txt7.12 Kb
envhelp_indexes.txt11.18 Kb
envhie.txt4.77 Kb
envindexcount.txt1.14 Kb
envindexes.txt18.47 Kb
envinst.txt3.62 Kb
envinvalid.txt4.62 Kb
envio.txt3.05 Kb
envio2.txt5.34 Kb
envip.txt882 Bytes
envjob.txt727 Bytes
envjobhist.txt1.33 Kb
envjobnotif.txt6.2 Kb
envjoboper.txt4.55 Kb
envjobs.txt1.36 Kb
envlastaccessed.txt2.29 Kb
envlastaccesseddb.txt7.87 Kb
envlastupdated.txt2.29 Kb
envlink.txt540 Bytes
envlock.txt1.02 Kb
envlogins.txt16.66 Kb
envmail.txt8.1 Kb
envmaxdop.txt2.61 Kb
envmaxlen.txt1.45 Kb
envmem.txt3.64 Kb
envmemopt.txt718 Bytes
envmissing.txt7.43 Kb
envmissingbak.txt5.65 Kb
envmonitor.txt1.33 Kb
envmovedb.txt10.47 Kb
envndd.txt438 Bytes
envnoconnect.txt692 Bytes
envoperator.txt5.92 Kb
envorph.txt1.12 Kb
envorphan.txt2.87 Kb
envorphan2.txt3.62 Kb
envowner.txt1.71 Kb
envpart.txt3.06 Kb
envpartgroup.txt3.25 Kb
envperf.txt1.69 Kb
envperf01.txt1.69 Kb
envperf02.txt2.28 Kb
envperf03.txt11.51 Kb
envperf04.txt2.14 Kb
envperf05.txt1.61 Kb
envperf06.txt1.74 Kb
envperf07.txt2.38 Kb
envperf08.txt2.33 Kb
envperf09.txt2.52 Kb
envperf10.txt9.14 Kb
envperm.txt5.14 Kb
envplans.txt679 Bytes
envpol.txt4.07 Kb
envproc.txt1.03 Kb
envproc01.txt1.82 Kb
envpublic.txt1.02 Kb
envqs.txt1.1 Kb
envqueue.txt4.7 Kb
envqueue2.txt1.55 Kb
envrebuild.txt970 Bytes
envref.txt1.43 Kb
envrel.txt781 Bytes
envrename.txt645 Bytes
envrepl.txt2.4 Kb
envrestore.txt3.74 Kb
envrunning.txt1.64 Kb
envschema.txt1.16 Kb
envseconds.txt1.33 Kb
envserver.txt20.9 Kb
envserver2k.txt3.24 Kb
envservercount.txt935 Bytes
envservername.txt1.3 Kb
envship.txt2.04 Kb
envsize.txt911 Bytes
envsnapshot.txt2.61 Kb
envspace.txt8.62 Kb
envspn.txt1.13 Kb
envssrs.txt5.46 Kb
envstats.txt7.58 Kb
envstats2.txt854 Bytes
envsubsc.txt1.81 Kb
envtablespace.txt1.05 Kb
envtasks.txt1.55 Kb
envtb.txt1.41 Kb
envtejas.txt9.62 Kb
envtestemail.txt2.11 Kb
envthis.txt581 Bytes
envtime.txt989 Bytes
envtrace.txt1.84 Kb
envtrace2.txt2.1 Kb
envtrace3.txt2.52 Kb
envtrace4.txt664 Bytes
envtran.txt3.09 Kb
envtry.txt3.07 Kb
envugly.txt6.26 Kb
envunused.txt2.5 Kb
envunusedindexes.txt2.39 Kb
envusers.txt23.96 Kb
envusers2.txt23.93 Kb
envusers3.txt33.3 Kb
envusers4.txt53.92 Kb
envusersmsdb.txt25.42 Kb
envversion.txt9.41 Kb
envvfailedjobs.txt1.31 Kb
envvlf.txt11.45 Kb
envwho.txt3.3 Kb
envwhoami.txt1.9 Kb
envwhodb.txt619 Bytes
envwhologin.txt588 Bytes
envwhotrack.txt7.91 Kb
failmail.txt723 Bytes
runjobs.txt1.59 Kb
ttry.txt884 Bytes