Consulting and Support

As a Senior Database Administrator, I know problems happen both during and outside of business hours.

You can email or text me anytime. if we have already established connectivity via previous consulting, I am typically able to connect and start diagnosing within minutes.

Because scam and spam calls are so prevalent nowadays, all phone calls are automatically rejected if you are not in my existing contacts list, so you must text me first, and I can add you to the approved users list.

@lowellstormrage-com and (954) 292-1003

like every other professional , I can connect via any of the meeting tools currently in use. send me the link, text me, and we can get started. Optionally, These two meeting links below are my default rooms for a meeting.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Google Meet

Code Support

For Code I’ve presented on my site, emailing the issue, the environment you are using(ie SQL2016) as well as the code you used, and an explanation of the problem is best .

If I can duplicate it in one of my environments, I can review any changes that need to be done.

an example:

Hi Lowell, I am using your sp_getddla in a SQL2012 environment, and the script output does not match the table definition, can you help?